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prom court

Epic Charter School High School Students who have completed their Epic Prom 2019 ticket purchase may submit their information for prom court consideration. Prom Court will be composed of two Freshman, two Sophomore, two Junior and two Senior representatives. Guests who are not Epic Charter School High School Students are not eligible for prom court submission or consideration. Prom attendees will partake in a live vote during the event on May 4, 2019.
Name: Sarah Zimms Age: 16 How many years have you been enrolled in Epic Charter School? 1 GPA: 3.6 Favorite School Subject: Biology Extra Curricular Activities: Soccer Favorite Hobby: Reading or doing peoples makeup Accomplishments: National Honor Society, Editor in Chief of print for Oklahoma State YAG Favorite thing about Epic Charter School: The one on one time i get with my teacher really helps me to feel like she is fully committed to my education and success Write a short paragraph about yourself to be included with your 2019 Prom Court Bio: I’m Native American, I love anything to do with the ocean, which is why I’m going to school to be a marine biologist. I’m a big human and animal rights activist and an ocean conservation advocate. When I’m not doing school, I’m usually practicing makeup.