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prom court

Epic Charter School High School Students who have completed their Epic Prom 2019 ticket purchase may submit their information for prom court consideration. Prom Court will be composed of two Freshman, two Sophomore, two Junior and two Senior representatives. Guests who are not Epic Charter School High School Students are not eligible for prom court submission or consideration. Prom attendees will partake in a live vote during the event on May 4, 2019.
Randel Ludwig
Jessica Daniels
Jordan Daniels
Peter Lynn
Baylee Sharp
Jasa Lightsey
Name: Randel Ludwig Age: 17 How many years have you been enrolled in Epic Charter School? 4 years GPA 4.15 Favorite School Subject: Math Extra Curricular Activities: Football, Choir, Acapella Ambassadors, 2 Internships, Job at Tucker’s Onion Burger, Church Youth groups, serving at church, The Neighbor Kid Lawn Care. Favorite Hobby: Being outdoors, especially sports. I also love to play chess and pool. Accomplishments: Recipient of the OU Award Of Excellence Scholarship. Treasurer of the National Honor Society, Student Council Treasurer, got a 32 on my ACT, been accepted to colleges on scholarships. Starter with the OKC Patriots Football, auditioned for and was accepted into a group called the Acapella Ambassadors. Favorite thing about Epic Charter School: The fact that you can still do everything that is possible at a brick- and-mortar school, plus you can move and create your own schedule. Write a short paragraph about yourself to be included with your 2019 Prom Court Bio: I have always been active, starting at an early age. I was always the most energetic and competitive person, whether it came to sports or academics. In the first grade I was diagnosed with asthma, and in the 3rd grade I was diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, neither of which hindered my academic achievements or prevented me from going on to play football, participate in honor choir, play the double bass in orchestra, or being placed in Gifted and Talented groups, all by the 4th grade. I then developed migraines sometime during my elementary years, which meant that I was taking medication for asthma, Tourette’s, and migraines. In the 5th grade I was put in a group that did 6th grade math, then in 6th grade I did 7th grade math, and in 7th grade I progressed to Algebra I. I was in orchestra, advanced choir, and played football 4th through the 7th grade, as well as track and field 6th and 7th grade, until I moved to an online charter school in 8th grade. My reasoning for moving out of brick-and-mortar public school isn’t necessarily because I was bullied, but because I was sick and tired of watching other people be bullied, particularly because I couldn’t do much about it at the time, being the runt that I was. I also wasn’t interested in the drugs and other activities teenagers were doing at the time, which influenced me to do online schooling and focus more on my academics. In my freshmen and sophomore year I didn’t really do many extracurriculars, because I was busy adjusting to schooling online, but in my Junior year I joined the Central Oklahoma Homeschool Choir and participated in robotics and drama class. I was on the road to success and looking forward to buying my first car with the money I had earned up by starting a lawnmowing business (with my own business cards!) Then I was diagnosed with narcolepsy, which complicated things. I was determined to not let this slow me down, but it was taking a toll on me, since we couldn't find any medication that would help with it. I continued with choir, and during the summer I campaigned for- and won -the election for my school’s chapter of the National Honor Society. Starting my Senior year, I got a job at Tucker’s Onion Burger restaurant in Norman, Oklahoma, and then joined up with the Oklahoma City Patriots football program where I am a starting outside linebacker and special teams player. I also started two different internships at my highschool, one for Asset Management and Recovery, and another one for Data Analysis. I do all of this while keeping straight A’s in my AP and Honors courses, while pushing through my narcolepsy, asthma, Tourette’s Syndrome, and migraines. I am working with the other National Honor Society officers to make a difference through food drives and volunteering at the Regional Food Bank, while organizing other clothing and equipment drives for the homeless and for elementary-aged orphans. I was invited to apply and will be attending OU Honors College Fall of 2019.
Randel Ludwig