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prom court

Epic Charter School High School Students who have completed their Epic Prom 2019 ticket purchase may submit their information for prom court consideration. Prom Court will be composed of two Freshman, two Sophomore, two Junior and two Senior representatives. Guests who are not Epic Charter School High School Students are not eligible for prom court submission or consideration. Prom attendees will partake in a live vote during the event on May 4, 2019.
Name: Baylee Sharp Age: 18 How many years have you been enrolled in Epic Charter School? 2 years GPA: 2.95 Favorite School Subject: Health Education Extra Curricular Activities: Cooking or baking with my grandma and babysitting my neighbors son Favorite Hobby: Training my dog Accomplishments: Over coming learning disabilities, training my own service dog, and getting over severe shyness Favorite thing about Epic Charter School: I love being able to work at my own pace. Write a short paragraph about yourself to be included with your 2019 Prom Court Bio: Hi, my name is Baylee, I have a service dog (sadly she won't be attending prom with me) I spend a lot of time with her and my other 5 dogs. I joined Epic about 2 years ago because public school wasn't for me; now on to my goals after high school, from a very young age I've wanted to be a Veterinarian until about 15 years old, I then wanted to be a Pediatric or NICU nurse to help and give the support that the children need but do not get from their biological parents or they are in some kind of foster care, along with being a nurse I to be a foster care parent so children are not in danger at a family members house, a group home, or somewhere else that is not stable, with my future goals I’ll need a lot of support from my friends, family and God.

Baylee Sharp